University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Work on Campus Begins July 19th

Dear Staff Members,

I hope you are enjoying a good summer.Last week, the University announced that employees should begin transitioning back to work on campus beginning July 19th.We look forward to reopening offices the week of the 19thand seeing colleagues on campus.As supervisors and employees plan for resuming in-person office operations, itis also important to share how our campus will evaluate requests for remoteworkunder the new Interim Flexible Work Arrangement Policy.

As a small campus that emphasizes and treasures the quality of the student experience in an up-close-and-personal learning environment for students, we maintain that the teaching, advising and service to the campus community is best accomplished through in-person interactions with students and colleagues.  This premium on in-person instruction, engagement and collaboration is intrinsic to the culture and ethos of Pitt-Johnstown.  Therefore, we will continue our normal, pre-pandemic tradition of providing in-person instruction, advising and services.  
As a general matter, nearly all of our functions have historically and typically required in-person engagement. In this context, public-facing and student-serving positions are not conducive to flexible work agreements. In addition, flex arrangements may not be feasible in certain small offices without disruption, loss of effectiveness, and diminution in our practice of personalized service.  

As a caring community, we also take considerable interest in the well-being of our employees.  We understand that employees may desire a flexible work arrangement for personal reasons.  In any evaluation of flexible work requests, supervisors must prioritize continuity of in-person customer service to student, parent, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitor/guest walk-in traffic to our administrative offices.    

In evaluating requests for a flexible work agreement, the supervisor should perform a unit analysis of potential disruption to business operations, factoring a loss of effectiveness, and with the goal of preserving the quality of service.  The supervisor should also consider the prior performance of the employee, the employee’s work history in maintaining high-quality performance in a remote.

All the bestfor the remainder of the summer,and I look forward to seeing you.


President Jem Spectar