University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Letter to Strategic Planning Team from President Jem Spectar

Dear members of the Strategic Planning team,

Thank you very much for all the great contributions you’ve been making in your various planning groups.  Your involvement throughout this process and the ideas you have been putting forth are very much appreciated.

We’ve come very far, but there is still significant work left to be done. Under the best of circumstances, strategic planning involves many challenges; however, it goes without saying, the process has been more complicated this year because of extraordinary  challenges and constraints imposed by the ongoing pandemic.

We are at the point where many task forces would like to engage campus, either through small group discussions and/or surveys to gather more information to complete their work.   With exams, commencement and the summer break upon us, I have determined it is best to pause the planning process at this time and resume in the fall when we all get back to campus.

Once again, thank you so much for your engagement in this process, and we look forward to continuing in the fall.


Jem Spectar