University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

COVID-19 Purchasing & Travel Guide

Please review the information below concerning COVID-19 related expenses and university travel.

Exception for Non-refundable Travel Expenses 

If faculty or staff wish to cancel travel plans due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the University is hereby granting an exception to the University’s Travel & Business Expense Policy (FN28, formerly 05-07-01) for any otherwise non-reimbursable University-related travel. This applies to instances where cancellation would incur out-of-pocket expenses. The exception is permitted for travel booked through May 31, 2020, with the date being reassessed as the University continues to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak. The original memo from the Provost can be found here.

Directions to reconcile cancelled travel and other emergency expenses in Concur

  • Log into Concur to create an expense report
    • Please put all expenses associated with this trip onto 1 expense report – both charges and any credits that you receive.
    • If you’ve paid for your expense(s) with the University Travel Card and the charge and credit transactions net to zero dollars, you must still create an expense report and include these transactions.
    • For all cancellations, either charged on a Travel Card or a personal credit/debit card, a copy of the cancellation confirmation must be included in the receipt packet to be considered valid.
  • For all expenses and credits related to this trip, please use the COVID-19 Cancelled Travel expense type. This will work with both charges and credits and will assist us in keeping track of cancelled travel during this time.


Unplanned/Unbudgeted COVID-19 Expenses

In preparation of the threat of COVID-19, you may be incurring unplanned and unbudgeted expenses such as the purchase of hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies as well as unrecoverable costs related to canceled events. Please use the subcode and expense type below for these items.

In PRISM – use subcode 8119
Using Travel Card, Concur – use COVID-19 Cancelled Travel expense type
Using Purchasing Card – reconcile transactions using subcode 8119

We will contine to update this page as we receive more information. If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office at 814-269-7040 or