University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Admissions Process

VP of Admissions Therese Grimes greets student

How To Apply

Students interested in applying to Pitt-Johnstown must submit the following:

Freshmen Applicants

Applying for college is a major step in anyone's life, and the application process outlined below will help you. This is your pathway toward the Real World. Find out more about the application process for an incoming freshman.

Transfer Students

Continuing your education at Pitt-Johnstown is a great decision. Earn a Pitt-quality degree among 70 programs of study in our positive learning atmosphere and at our beautiful campus! A transfer student is defined as someone who is or has been enrolled in another institution of higher learning and has completed 12 or more credits at another college. Transfer students to Pitt-Johnstown come from institutions such as community colleges, junior colleges, technical schools, four year colleges, and universities.

Guaranteed Admission Program

Upon graduation, accomplished students of Pitt-Johnstown have the opportunity to be granted admission to the prestigious graduate and professional schools of the University of Pittsburgh. Freshmen attending Pitt-Johnstown may be considered for graduate or professional school guarantees through our Admissions Welcome Center

Options Program

The Options Program is the University of Pittsburgh's response to the increasing number of highly qualified students who seek admission.