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Advisement and Registration / Student Resources

All Pitt-Johnstown students register for classes using the self-service enrollment process. 

Course Schedules and Guides

View schedules for current course offerings, guides, and final exams.


You must have access to Pitt Passport to enroll in classes.

​​PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX User Guide

Training materials are available to learn the functions of PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX.

Student Grades

Students can access grades in PeopleSoft.

Student Forms

Course and Term Withdraw

Students have the option to withdraw from an individual course(s) or the entire term. The process varies based upon the Add/Drop period. Visit the Withdrawal Information page for more details. 

Grading Options/Auditing a Course

  • Undergraduate courses are offered under the LG (letter grade), SNC (satisfactory/no credit) or LG/SNC (can choose letter grade or satisfactory/no credit option), LG/SU3 (can choose letter grade or Honors, Satisfactory, Unsatifactory option) grading options.   During the enrollment process, the course will default to its assigned grading basis. In the case of LG/SNC courses, the course will default to LG, and SNC will have to be selected by the student in order for the student to receive the SNC grade.  Should the student not choose an appropriate grading basis during initial enrollment, they have the ability to change the grading option using the "Edit enrollment" function in CX for courses up until the end of the add/drop period for a term.  After the add/drop deadline has passed and self-service is disabled to students, students will need to contact the Office of the Registrar to fill out a Grade Option Change Form by the Grade Option Deadline for each term.  
  • Grading options for each course are approved by the deparment that offers the course(s) and are not always available options on all courses.
  • Auditing a course results in no quality points, credit hours toward graduation, or GPA impact.  To audit a course, students must enroll in the course, pay tuition for the course, and visit the Office of the Registrar to fill out a Grade Option Change Form.  The form must be signed by the instructor and approved by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Deadline to change the grading option for a course or to audit a course is no later than the first three weeks of the term in which the course is offered.


Remember Important Dates

Visit the Academic Calendar for:

  • Residence hall open/close dates
  • Enrollment Appointments and registration deadlines
  • First and last day of classes
  • Grades and monitored withdrawals
  • Holiday breaks and special University days