Information for Currently Enrolled ET Students

As an enrolled Engineering Technology student, will I be able to continue my current program, and how long will I have to complete?

The Engineering Technology program just completed a successful accreditation process through ABET that will cover students through 2021. This will allow students currently enrolled ample time to complete their program. The start date of the new program is fall 2016, and freshmen entering in fall 2016 will be enrolled in the new program.

Will currently enrolled students have the option to transition to the new degree?

Currently enrolled students will be taking different courses than those in the new program. Students enrolling in fall 2015 may have the opportunity to transition into the new program, but extra coursework will be required. Students who began in the fall of 2014 will be too far along to transition due to changes in the program that cannot be made up without excessive time in college, perhaps up to two additional years.