Alumni and Friends


Pitt-Johnstown could not be prouder of our more than 22,500 alumni who are experiencing professional success, finding personal fulfillment, and serving their communities in the real world!


272 Blackington Hall

8:30 a.m-5 p.m.


YOUR alma mater salutes you, and our desire is to serve and support you throughout your life. After all, you’re a student once but a Pitt-Johnstown alumnus forever. We believe in a lifelong, mutually beneficial relationship between the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and each of our graduates.

There are a variety of services and methods of engagement that the Office of Alumni Relations provides, as well as a number of ways whereby you can lend much-needed and appreciated support to your alma mater:

Nominations for the new Pitt-Johnstown Alumni Hall of Fame are now open through April 30.


Pitt-Johnstown is a mainstay destination for our friends in the community. Our many campus amenities are a reliable asset for meetings, education and entertainment, such as: