The Pitt-Johnstown Bookstore is your destination for Mountain Cat apparel, accessories, and souvenirs, as well as books and other educational supplies. Textbooks are available for purchase and rent. Located in the ground floor of the Student Union, the Bookstore also includes the campus convenience store, which offers health and beauty aids, snacks and drinks, greeting cards, balloons, and magazines.

Featured Products


Navy hooded sweatshirt


Long-sleeved hooded Pitt-Johnstown sweatshirt by Under Armour 

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UA T-shirt


Under Armour Navy blue short-sleeved Pitt-Johnstown T-shirt

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Russell Jerzees hooded sweatshirt


Russell Jerzees UPJ Navy Hooded Sweatshirt.

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Hooded sweatshirt


Hooded sweatshirt by Champion. Also available in navy blue.

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Russell T-shirt


Short-sleeved Pitt T-shirt

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UPJ Russell Jerzees T-shirt


Short-sleeved Russell Jerzees T-shirt

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