Student Services

Computer Lab Assistance:

For help with computer labs, accounts, and access problems contact: Technology Support Center, 228 Blackington Hall.

Voice: 814-269-PJIT
Text: Text PJIT to 814-886-1600
Online: PJIT Support Desk Online

General Help Information:

Student computer consultants are available in the Technology Support Center 228 Blackington Hall. Consultants can assist students in the use of lab facilities, direct users to documentation and troubleshoot most service problems.

Personal Computer Problems:

Information Technology does not offer a repair service for personal computers. We are happy to refer students to local vendors who provide such service.

Mt Cat Printing for Students:

All students with an active Pitt account receive a printng allocation of 900 pages per term. Printing is available in our public computer labs and now via Mt Cat Mobile Printing which allows a student to print to specific Mt Cat Print Stations from any device that is email capable. For more infornation about printing visit our Mt Cat Printing for Students page.