The Lodges offer a unique community living experience to recognized clubs and organizations as well as independent students. The Lodges feature two-room suites with a private vanity and an adjoining shared bathroom. In addition, each Lodge has at least one large lobby or gathering place for its residents. Lodges accommodate groups ranging in size from eight to 32 residents.

Each room is equipped with a microwave/refrigerator unit. North Lodge rooms are carpeted, whereas South Lodge rooms are not. All lobby areas are carpeted. All lobby areas contain the following University furniture: end table, coffee table, loveseat, and chair. Laundry rooms are available in the basements of several lodges.

South Lodges: Buckhorn and Sunset

North Lodges: Briar, Foxfire, Hawthorn, Heather, and Larkspur

Larkspur Lodge features commuter rooms for upperclass students who do not live on campus.

Room Size: 12’5" x 15’7"

Space under beds: 11 1/4"