Housing Applications


This process applies to all students wishing to live on campus for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Current students may participate in the Re-Contracting Process (March 1 - April 14).

Availability of Applications

  • Current Students - Beginning March 1
  • Transfer Students - Beginning May 1
  • Relocating Students - Beginning May 1
  • Readmitted Students - Beginning May 1
  • New First-Year Students - Beginning May 1

Application Process

All students will follow the process below to apply for housing.  The Re-Contracting process for current students has ended.  Any current student should complete the process below to apply for housing.

  1. Log into the Pitt Portal (my.pitt.edu)
  2. After logging in successfully, click on MY RESOURCES and choose HOUSING E-SERVICES.
  3. Once at the Housing E-Services community, click on Resident Students – Online Services link.
  4. Housing Deposit - Payment of your $150 Housing Deposit is required at this time.  You will be redirected to  a payment screen at this time to submit your deposit.  Do not pay your deposit by going directly to PITT-Pay.  Use the “Resident Students – Online Services” link to access the online payment option.  
  5. You will pass into the Resident Student’s Housing Menu.
  6. Choose the “Housing Application” button.  Follow the on-screen prompts to complete.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email once the application has been successfully submitted. 

Housing Assignments

Housing assignment information will be communicated to students in late July or early August. This information will include the room assignment, roommate information, and move-in details.

Students under 18 years of age

If you are not 18 years of age at the time you attempt to complete the housing application, you will be required to provide a cosigner for the contract. You will need to provide the email address for your parent/guardian. They will be sent an email with instructions regarding how to co-sign the contract. Once they have done so, you will be able continue with the housing application process.

Changing your Housing Application

You may return at a later date to edit your preferences by navigating to the location where you originally completed the housing application and choose the EDIT HOUSING APPLICATION feature. Housing Applications may not be changed after July 1.

Roommate Requests

If you have a specific roommate in mind, please indicate that student on your housing application. You will need the Student ID number of your intended roommate. In turn, your roommate must enter your name/ID number on his/her application. Only mutual roommate requests will be considered. While not guaranteed, every effort will be made to grant roommate requests received before July 1. Roommate requests are granted based upon room availability.

Private Room Request Form

A private room request form will be available beginning March 7, 2017.  This is a request form only and does not guarantee the requestor a private room.  Each student requesting a private room must have also paid the $150 housing deposit and completed an online housing application.  All students should plan on living with a roommate and apply with a roommate during the recontracting process.  If private rooms are able to be offered, they will not be offered until after the fall term has begun.  Private rooms will be offered based on terms in residence.  

Overloading a Space (Tripling)

Students may choose to triple a room in the LLC or lodges (except Foxfire Lodge).  No discount will apply to a voluntarily tripled room.  Tripled rooms will be outfitted with a lofted bed system and a third dresser.  A group processor should be determined and then a room selected during the online room selection process.  After the room is booked, all three students should email the Housing Office at upjhousing@pitt.edu stating that they wish to be tripled.  Each email should include all student’s names, ID numbers and the room number of the selected room.  The Office of Student Housing will then manually add the third person to the room.