Visual Disorders

Documentation requirements for an individual requesting services from Pitt-Johnstown due to a visual disorder (blind or low vision) must be completed by an ophthalmologist or other medical specialist with the experience or expertise in visual disorders.

Comprehensive documentation includes:

  • A statement that describes and explains the visual disorder
  • A summary of the assessment procedures and evaluation instruments used to make the diagnosis, including standardized scores, if appropriate
  • Present symptoms that meet the criteria for the diagnosis
  • Medical information relating to the status of the individual’s vision (static or changing)
  • A description of the condition’s current functional impact on learning or other major life activity relevant to the academic experience
  • A statement addressing the individual’s requested accommodation(s), including rationale as to why these accommodation(s) are warranted
  • A statement regarding how the use of corrective lenses, technology, or ongoing visual therapy may or may not mitigate the visual disorder