Orthotic Impairment

Documentation requirements for an individual requesting services due to any type of orthopedic impairment must be completed by a physician, physiatrist, orthopedist, or other medical specialist with the experience or expertise in orthopedic impairment.

Comprehensive documentation must be submitted that includes:

  • A clear statement of the existence of a medically determinable orthopedic impairment;
  • A written report of:
    • A detailed medical history
    • Results of a complete physical examination
    • Medical evidence consisting of medical signs, symptoms (duration, incidence, and severity), and laboratory findings
    • Proof of a substantial reduction in previous levels of movement
    • Results of diagnostic tests performed to rule out other causes of symptoms
  • A description of the condition's current functional impact on learning or other major activity relevant to the academic experience
  • A statement addressing the individual's requested accommodation(s), including rationale as to why these accommodation(s) are warranted
  • A statement regarding the use of any corrective devices or other rehabilitative measures, including medication that may or may not mitigate the orthopedic impairment

Any request for an extension of time on examinations based on the impairment should be supported by evidence that reflects a measurable decline in pre-morbid functioning.