Attention Deficit Disorder

Documentation requirements for an individual requesting services due to an attentional disorder must be completed by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other related medical professional with the experience or expertise in the domain for which he/she is diagnosing. Comprehensive documentation must be submitted that includes:

  • A clear statement of the existence of an attentional disorder;
  • A written report of:
    • Symptoms as described by the DSM-V
    • Evidence of early impairment
    • Results of diagnostic measures/instruments used to support attentional difficulties (include diagnostic report and scores)
    • Relevant medical and family history
    • Differential diagnoses that were excluded, including reasons for considering these and reasons for ruling them out
  • A description of the condition's current functional impact on learning or other major life activity relevant to the academic experience;
  • A statement addressing the individual's requested accommodation(s), including rationale as to why these accommodation(s) are warranted;
    * Any request for an extension of time on examinations, based on the impairment, should be supported by evidence that reflects a measurable decline in pre-morbid functioning.
  • A statement regarding how medication (if appropriate) may or may not mitigate the attentional disorder. Include dosage, frequency, and any adverse side affects.