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RealWorld Career Services is dedicated to helping students and alumni find their future career. We feature our job search database, PJ Links, where students and alumni can search for current openings and apply to jobs or internships.

PJ Links


Student Employment

Federal Work Study is available on campus. Eligibility is determined by completing a FAFSA and meeting with the Financial Aid Office. Students are paid minimum wage and allowed to work 10 hours per week during Spring and Fall terms. Full-time and part-time positions are available during summer.

Campus Employment is available through individual departments on campus. Students may work a maximum of 20 hours per week, dependent upon the office's operating budget.

A list of current openings can be found here.

Job Searching

The internet is a great tool for job searching. Most companies post positions on their website, online job boards, and social media outlets. Visit our job board page to browse multiple search engines and our job searching on social media

Job Tips

  • Be Prepared! Make sure you have a voicemail set-up with the phone number you will be using. Also, be sure you have a professional sounding email address; one that you check on a regular basis.
  • Network! Use resources like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with people in your field. It’s important to remain professional and keep your personal life away from the network. Set goals for yourself at personal networking events and your skills will improve with time.
  • Stand Out! When writing your résumé, ask yourself, “What did I accomplish that someone else wouldn’t have?” That answer can provide great talking points for an interview.