Thank You Letter

Thank you letters are one of the most important tools used in the job search process. Anyone who has helped with job searching should receive a thank you note. Thank you letters may be in the form of an email or hand-written or typed and mailed.

Thank You Letter Example

After a Job Interview:

  • Should be sent out 1-3 days after the interview.
  • Address the thank you letter to the person (or people) who interviewed you.
  • If you feel it is necessary to remind the interviewer of who you are, summarize a few main points discussed during the interview.
  • Make an effort to avoid sounding mechanical and obligatory. If sending several notes, try to make each one original

After a Career Fair:

  • Take the time to write a thank you note to each recruiter you met.
  • Highlight something from the interview/interactions that will help the recruiter remember you (i.e. a specific experience you discussed).
  • If you remembered to ask the recruiter’s preferred method of contact, send the thank you via that method.
  • If uncertain, send one by email for the immediacy, but send one by post mail as well for the lasting impression.  

General Tips:

  • Thank you notes reiterate your interest in the position and add anything that you forgot to mention previously.
  • Writing a thank you note will not only get you noticed, it could give you a significant advantage over other candidates.
  • Sending a thank you note demonstrates several things to your potential employer, the most important being a show of gratitude.
  • If your interview was a fairly informal process and/or you achieved an immediate rapport with your interviewer, a handwritten note is fine.