We offer mock interview sessions for you to prepare for an upcoming interview. Dress professionally, bring a flash drive, and meet with our consultants who conduct the interview. The session is recorded and given to you on your flash drive to review afterward. Contact our office for an appointment.

Welcome to InterviewStream, the University of Pittsburgh’s virtual mock interview resource. All you need is a laptop or computer with webcam to get started, and InterviewSteam allows you to customize interview questions and then practice your responses on camera.  Share your interview with friends, faculty members, family, or others who can provide you with feedback and help you to improve! InterviewStream access is free for University of Pittsburgh students.

Top 10 Quick Interview Tips

  • Be Prepared 
    • Have copies of your résumé and references     
    • Prepare answers to typical interview questions
  • Research     
    • Be prepared to answer questions about the company     
    • Know about current issues with the company
  • Express Yourself     
    • Be able to discuss qualities about yourself that make you different from others     
    • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Dress Professionally    
    • Wear a suit     
    • Polish your shoes     
    • Keep distractions to a minimum (piercings, make-up, accessories, etc.)
  • Be Punctual     
    • Arrive 10-15 minutes early     
    • Greet the receptionist, sit quietly, and wait
  • Communicate     
    • Sell yourself     
    • Listen to the question completely before answering     
    • Be honest; do not lie
    • Answer respectfully
    • Do not answer with material the recruiter already knows; make it your own Ask Question   
  • Always have questions to ask
    • Ask questions that demonstrate your interest in the company
  • Thank the Interviewer
    • Express your interest in the company
  • Follow up
    • Personalize a thank-you letter and reiterate your interest


Skype Interviews
Remote interviews are becoming more common in today's workforce. It's important to make a great first impression from a distance. Follow these guidelies:

  • Look the part - Research the company's website to get an idea of how employees dress and behave. It's important to dress from head-to-toe to prepare your mind for professional mode.
  • Prepare your surroundings - Ideally, use a room with a quiet setting and a door. Make sure the wall behind you is clear and not cluttered; that could be a distraction to the employer. Inform other household members not to interrupt.
  • Practice - Ask a friend to do a practice interview with you. Repeat this process until you feel comfortable.
  • Smile - It's often difficult to smile during a remote interview, but it's extremely important. Smiling can help break the ice and develop rapport with the employer.
  • Stay present - It's important to let the interviewer know you are still actively listening by using sounds, such as "hm" or "yes." Never use the computer for other projects while doing an interview.
  • Prepare notes - It's okay to have notes written down to remember key points you want to make. Be familiar with the material; do not simply read from the paper.
  • Address technical problems - When you rely on video and phone equipment, there's a chance for a technical glitch (weak connection or interference). Do not give an inaccurate answer or draw attention to the problem; a simple "excuse me?" works.