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O*NET is the US Department of Labor's primary source of occupational information. Central to the project is the O*NET database, containing information on hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific descriptors. The database, which is available to the public at no cost, is continually updated by surveying a broad range of workers from each occupation. Information from this database is the heart of O*NET OnLine, an interactive application for exploring and searching occupations. The database also provides the foundation for our Career Exploration Tools, a set of valuable assessment instruments for workers and students looking to find or change careers.

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What can I do with this major?

View a list of majors outlined on the site. Click on any major title to access information and links.The information outlines common career areas students enter with this major, employers who hire students in this field, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities.

Understand that the areas and websites are representative of typical career paths associated with each major and are not an exhaustive list.

Strong Interest Inventory
Interest inventories are offered to students wishing to have a profile of their interests. The Strong Interest Inventory is a self-assessment that students can take to gain further insight into their interests. After taking the assessment, students schedule an appointment with one of our consultants to review the results.

     How to access:    
     1) Enter the following account login: mountaincats.   
     2) Enter the following account password: upjstudent.
     3) Leave the “User ID” blank unless you are returning to complete an assessment. Click: Login.
     4) From the menu, select the newly revised strong interest inventory.
         Click: Begin.
          - Provide the requested demographic information. Click: Continue Now.
          - Follow all directions to complete your assessment.
          - After completing the assessment, click "Done" at the bottom of the page.
     5) Contact us to schedule an appointment and review the results.

Candid Career
Candid Career is a video-based website to help young adults or anyone who is looking to change careers figure out what available jobs align with their personal passions. Candid Career hosts interviews with real professionals telling the truth about their jobs and/or careers to help with career exploration.

Passport Careers
Passport Careers provides job and internship search strategies, guidance, and resources for 75+ countries (250+ cities). It includes a robust database of job and internship opportunities, an H1B database of U.S. employers, and country-by-country portfolios of key content and resources to help you with your career, job, or internship interests around the world as well as across the USA.

How to access:
Account Username: Pitt email address
Registration Key: upitt789
Alumni should contact RealWorld Career Services for login information:

Voice: 814-269-7123 
Email: jcareers@pitt.edu