Victim's Bill of Rights

Pitt-Johnstown will afford students the following rights:

Sexual Assault Services

  • To be believed.
  • To be given the same credibility as any other crime victim.
  • To seek and receive help, including counseling and mental health services.
  • To receive courteous and efficient treatment.
  • To be treated with dignity and respect, without prejudice against race, class, lifestyle, age, gender, sexual orientation, or occupation.
  • To receive accurate information, presented in a way that is understood.
  • To ask questions.
  • To make her/his own decisions.
  • To change her/his mind.
  • To notify law enforcement and to be assisted by campus authorities in doing so.
  • To be afforded the opportunity to have others, such as a support person or witness, present during a disciplinary proceedings against the perpetrator.
  • To be informed of the outcome of any disciplinary proceeding against the perpetrator.
  • To change academic and living situations.
  • To heal.