How Campus Police Help Sexual Assault Survivors

The Campus Police have personnel experienced in handling cases of sexual assault. The following scenario describes how the Campus Police respond to reports of sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Services

Upon receiving the report, an officer is sent immediately to the scene, where general information is obtained from the survivor and witnesses. The officer encourages the survivor to seek urgent medical attention and will assist with transportation to a local emergency department. The initial officer arriving on the scene will prepare a report of the incident.

A second officer arrives on the scene to safeguard evidence and list possible witnesses. A Campus Police sergeant will oversee the preliminary investigation.

A Campus Police investigator is contacted. This investigator meets with the survivor either on the scene or at the hospital. The investigator interviews the survivor, assists the survivor in contacting the appropriate support resources (if desired), and prepares an incident report.

Incident reports prepared by Campus Police are confidential. In compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1992, some information regarding the nature of the incident, general location, and non-specific details will be released to the University community. Names of sexual assault survivors are not released to the University community.

If the survivor of a sexual assault wishes to prosecute, investigators pursue prosecution via the criminal court system and/or the Student Conduct. This includes case preparation, maintenance of evidence, witness interviews, and testimony in court. The investigator will accompany the survivor through all stages of prosecution.