Dain Yun

YunFirst Name: Dain
Last Name: Yun
English Name: Diana
Home Country: South Korea
Year: Junior
Major: Accounting & Finance
Minor: Communication
Email: DAY36@pitt.edu

Welcome to Pitt-Johnstown!

My name is Diana (or Dain) Yun, and I’m an international student from South Korea.

Fun fact about me is that I applied to 13 different universities but, among those 13 universities, I decided to come to UPJ. The main reason I picked UPJ is the location, where I could focus on my study and the small size of the class. The ratio of the professors and students is approximately 1-to-25, and this helped me to build the great relationship with my professors. And professors are always willing to help and support students by encouraging them.

One of the greatest experience I had from UPJ is the host family program. From this program, I felt more comfortable about stay in Johnstown and my host family helped me to stay away from the homesick. Even though the program is for the first year, I still keep in touch with my host family, who is a professor of UPJ, I always stop at his office, and he and his wife always inviting me to his home. Recently, I moved to the College Park Apartmenta at UPJ and I invited them to a Korean BBQ - and it was an awesome time!

I really wish you can experience this great program that I experienced and I am looking forward to meeting you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!