3. Activate Your Pitt Computer Account

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Shortly after paying your $100 Tuition Deposit, you will receive an e-mail explaining how you can activate your official University of Pittsburgh computer account.

 What's Next?


Your notification will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided the University on your admissions application. In prior years, this information would have been sent to you in the mail. THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE.

If you are no longer using the same e-mail address as provided, or provided an incorrect e-mail address, you may miss this important notice. If you are unsure which address you supplied, you can call us at 855-LIKE-UPJ, and we can access that information for you.

For students who did not provide an e-mail address on the admissions application, your notice to activate your Pitt account will be mailed to your home address. Even though you are admitted to the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, this notification will be mailed from the University of Pittsburgh. Do not discard that letter. 

If you think that you may have missed the letter, deleted an e-mail, or have any questions at all, you can call the University of Pittsburgh Technology Help Desk at 412-624-4357.

Activating Your Account:

  • Once you have received your notice (e-mail or letter) to activate your Pitt account, you will need to visit the website: www.my.pitt.edu
  • Click the “New Account Activation” link located in the box designated for “Students, Faculty, & Staff”
  • After confirming your identity, you will be guided through a series of online steps to activate your University Computing Account.
  • Use the “Username” and “Activation Key” provided to you in the e-mail (or letter).

If you have questions at any point in this process, please call the University of Pittsburgh Technology Help Desk 412-624-4357.

Your Pitt Username and Password

  • When activating your Pitt Account, you will be asked to create a password to go along with your username.
  • Remember to keep your Password as well as your Username secure.
  • It will be very important to you as you move through the next few months.

You will need this to:

  • Access Grades, which are posted online. You may also view your entire academic history.
  • Placement Exams (see No. 10)
  • Software and Computer (see No. 18)
  • Access Courseweb. Faculty post course-related materials online
  • Pay Your Bill (see No. 15)
  • Meal Plan (see No. 9)
  • Emergency Notification. You will set up an emergency notification account to alert you and your family of any incident on campus.
  • Photo ID (see No. 11)
  • Create a Schedule (see No. 14)

If you have any trouble activating your University of Pittsburgh computer account please call the University of Pittsburgh Technology Help Desk 412-624-4357.

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Login at accounts.pitt.edu using the login credentials of the account you just created.
  • First, register a device (smartphone, tablet, non-smartphone).
  • Click Add/Manage Pitt Passport Devices, and complete the steps.
  • Then, enable multifactor authentication.
  • Click Secure Pitt Passport Services and enable multifactor for all services.
  • Click Save.

Arrange Campus Housing

Following the May 1 Tuition Deposit deadline (see No. 2), the Office of Housing and Residence Life will mail out housing information. No housing information will be sent out until after May 1.

This information will include a detailed description of the Housing Application process and will go to all incoming freshmen who have paid the Tuition Deposit and indicated that they would like campus housing on their Admissions Application.

The application process is completed completely online.

All incoming Pitt-Johnstown students are housed together in units designated for freshmen.

There is a $150 Housing Deposit that is due before you can apply for housing. You are encouraged to pay the housing deposit and submit a housing application by July 1.

Your Housing Deposit will show as a credit on your Spring Semester bill.

If you indicated that you do not want campus housing on your original Admissions Application, you will not receive this housing information. If, between the time you were admitted and mid-May, you change your mind about living on campus, notify the Admissions Welcome Center (855-LIKE-UPJ).

Select a Roommate

As part of the online Housing Application, you will answer a series of roommate matching questions. The Office of Housing and Residence Life will use your answers to these questions to match you with another incoming freshman, who will become your roommate.

If you know another incoming freshman (of the same gender) and would like to room together, you can request one another through the online Housing Application.

Commuter Rooms

Students who choose not to live on campus have the option of signing up to be part of the “Commuter In Residence” program.

Participation in this program provides commuting students with a room on campus where they can study, store personal belongings, and interact with residential students. Participation in this program is completely free of charge. First-year commuter students are assigned to either Laurel, Maple, or Oak Hall. A commuter student shares a room with approximately five other commuter students. As commuters-in-residence, students are issued a room/locker key. Inside the room, commuters share the following: study desks and chairs, campus telephone, and a “MicroFridge” (a small refrigerator & microwave combo). The rooms are available every class day from 6 a.m. to Midnight. Students are not permitted to remain overnight in commuter rooms.

Space is limited and is provided on a first-come-first-served basis. Sign-ups for the program open in late July. If you did not indicate that you wanted campus housing on your original Admissions Application, you will receive a letter in late July describing the application process.

What's Next?

  1. File FAFSA Form
  2. Pay Tuition Deposit
  3. Activate Your Pitt Computer Account
  4. Health Forms
  5. Visit Campus
  6. Submit AP Test Scores
  7. College in High School
  8. Submit a Final Transcript
  9. Choose a Meal Plan
  10. Take Placement Exam
  11. Photo ID
  12. Thinking of Changing Your Major?
  13. Attend Academic Planning Days
  14. Complete Your Scheduling and Advising Module
  15. Pay Your Balance
  16. Buy Books
  17. Parking
  18. Software and Computer
  19. Move-In
  20. Start Classes
  21. Get Help
  22. Get Involved