16. Buy Books

At the Pitt-Johnstown Book Center, you have the ability to either buy or rent new and/or used books as well as buying an eTextBook (if available).

 What's Next?

Download PDF: What's Next?

  • Books can be purchased in the Book Center or online >

Reservations for the Fall term begin after June 15. Reservations for the Spring term begin in mid-November.

We suggest that you read and understand the Book Return Policy before placing a reservation.

What's Next?

  1. File FAFSA Form
  2. Pay Tuition Deposit
  3. Activate Your Pitt Computer Account
  4. Health Forms
  5. Visit Campus
  6. Submit AP Test Scores
  7. College in High School
  8. Submit a Final Transcript
  9. Choose a Meal Plan
  10. Take Placement Exam
  11. Photo ID
  12. Thinking of Changing Your Major?
  13. Attend Academic Planning Days
  14. Complete Your Scheduling and Advising Module
  15. Pay Your Bill
  16. Buy Books
  17. Parking
  18. Software and Computer
  19. Move-In
  20. Start Classes
  21. Get Help
  22. Get Involved