11. Photo ID

During orientation, Pitt-Johnstown freshmen students are photographed for their official University of Pittsburgh ID Card at the campus ID Center, located in Room 152 of the Student Union Building (see No. 13).

 What's Next?


ID Cards are not immediately produced, but are printed during the summer and distributed to students during move-in weekend (see No. 19). Students may also have their photos taken during Admitted Student Days (see No. 5).

The primary purpose of an ID Card is to identify a person as attending the Pitt-Johnstown campus. The front of a Pitt-Johnstown ID Card contains an individual’s photograph, name and access number and provides a means for housing residents to gain access to their building. The back of the card has a magnetic strip that contains meal plan information and/or debit account information.

There is no initial charge for a Pitt-Johnstown ID Card. However, there is a $20 fee to replace a lost card and a $5 fee to purchase a Temporary ID Card. If a card has been misplaced, the ID Center will deactivate the card and can then issue a temporary ID if requested by the student. The temporary ID Card is valid for a period of seven days.

If the original card is found during this period, the owner should return the temporary card to the ID Center at which time his/her original card will be reactivated.

What's Next?

  1. File FAFSA Form
  2. Pay Tuition Deposit
  3. Activate Your Pitt Computer Account
  4. Health Forms
  5. Visit Campus
  6. Submit AP Test Scores
  7. College in High School
  8. Submit a Final Transcript
  9. Choose a Meal Plan
  10. Take Placement Exam
  11. Photo ID
  12. Thinking of Changing Your Major?
  13. Attend Academic Planning Days
  14. Complete Your Scheduling and Advising Module
  15. Pay Your Balance
  16. Buy Books
  17. Parking
  18. Software and Computer
  19. Move-In
  20. Start Classes
  21. Get Help
  22. Get Involved