Engineering Technology Abstract

Projects in Engineering:

Preliminary Design of the Carpenters Park Bridge

Sondra J. Carolus (Senior, Civil Engineering Technology)


Supervising Faculty Mentor:
James MacIntyre

Brian W. Laub (Senior, Civil Engineering Technology)


Civil Engineering Technology

Robert E. Pitassi (Senior, Civil Engineering Technology)



Andrew T. Wingard (Senior, Civil Engineering Technology)



The purpose of this project is to present a preliminary design of the Carpenters Park Bridge located in Paint Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  This project encompasses an inspection of the existing bridge, topographic survey, traffic study, hydraulic and hydraulic study, soil study, preliminary design in accordance with a TS&L study, structural drawings, and a cost estimate.  If this preliminary design would be constructed, it would allow for safer, more efficient travel along state route 4022 over the Stony Creek River.