SPACE Poster

Symposium for the Promotion of Academic and Creative Enquiry

Thanks to a generous donation from Conemaugh Health System, funding is available to defray the cost of large-format printing for posters. In order to keep track of how many posters are being printed, and to guarantee that all posters will be printed, please follow the protocol below.


If you want to use the large format poster, you must follow these instructions EXACTLY.

  • The poster board is 60" long and 40" high
  • You MUST use one of the Pitt-Johnstown Information Technology poster templates.
  • You may download the poster template from the SPACE registration site.
  • The templates are in:
    • Microsoft Publisher format
    • Microsoft Power Point format
  • Prepare your poster using the suggested Guidelines and Tips
  • Save the completed poster in PDF format.
  • Upload the completed poster (in PDF format)
  • In order to guarantee that your poster will be approved by your Faculty Mentor and printed in time for presentation at SPACE, please submit by 5 p.m., Tuesday, April 3, 2018.
  • Your Faculty Mentor will receive notification that the poster has been submitted and review your poster.
    • If your Faculty Mentor Approves your poster, it will be submitted to Information Technology for printing. You will receive an email indicating that the poster has been approved.
    • If your Faculty Mentor Rejects your poster, you will receive an email that it has been rejected.
    • If your poster has been REJECTED contact your Faculty Mentor to find out what needs to be fixed.
    • FIX the errors and resubmit your poster.
  • You will receive notification that the poster has been printed
  • Pick up the printed poster at User Services, G27 Owen Library.

Poster Presentations

  • Posters must be up by 11:45 a.m.
  • You may put your poster up any time after 8:30, a.m., Wednessday.
  • The poster boards and push pins will be provided!
  • You must take your poster down by the end of the second poster session (4:15 p.m.)!
  • Poster times are on the schedule.
  • Poster locations are on the map.