Act 48

The Pitt-Johnstown Registrar's Office serves as the reporting agency for undergraduate course work completed at the Johnstown campus to the Pennsylvania Department of Education to comply with Act 48 regulations. Access the Act 48 Credit Reporting form

Who needs Act 48 reporting?
All certified school personnel are covered under Act 48. Effective July 2000, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enacted Act 48, mandating a continuing professional education program for professional educators to maintain active certification.

What is needed to comply with Act 48?
The continuing professional education program requires the satisfactory completion of continuing professional education every five years. This requirement can be met by completing one of the following options:

  • 6 credits of collegiate study;
  • 6 credits of continuing professional education courses;
  • 180 clock hours of continuing professional education program activities or learning experiences; or
  • any combination of credits/hours equivalent to 180 hours every five years to maintain active status

How are credit hours converted to professional experience hours?
One credit of collegiate studies equals 30 hours of professional experience.

How do I get my Act 48 credits reported?
When your course has been satisfactorily completed, submit a written request to the Pitt-Johnstown Registrar's Office to have your coursework electronically submitted to PDE. Print and complete the Request for Act 48 Credit Reporting form and fax (814 269-7068) or mail to University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Office of the Registrar, 279 Blackington Hall, Johnstown, PA 15904. If you indicate you are employed by a school district, that school district will also receive a copy of your applied course work.