Major & Career Exploration

When exploring major and career options, you should start by assessing your interests, personality, skills, and values.  Only then will you be able to construct a list of majors that are appropriate for you and your goals.

The resources below can help you get started with this process.  We encourage you to discuss your research and exploration with your academic advisor. 

Getting Started: Ten Ways to Explore Majors

  1. Browse Pitt-Johnstown’s Programs of Study/Majors. Click on each program link to read general information, career options, and course requirements.
  2. Take the Strong Interest Inventory or Myers-Briggs Inventory and discuss results with a career counselor in Real World Career Services.
  3. Go to a club meeting.  Student organizations exist that are connected with nearly every major on campus.
  4. Meet with a Mentor for Academic & Personal Success (MAPS) who has a major you are interested in.
  5. Explore some key courses in a major.  Browse required textbooks, talk with students taking the course, look over the syllabus, and perhaps, sit in on a few class meetings.
  6. Meet with a faculty member in a department of interest.
  7. Attend events on campus.  Every semester, guest lecturers and activities take place which focus on the various disciplines.
  8. Surf the web, investigating major and career choices through websites like My Next Move.  See website resource list below.
  9. Job shadow and/or conduct an informational interview with a professional.  There is no better way to understand a career than to learn about it first-hand. Contact Real World Career Services for assistance.  And finally . . .
  10. Know thyself.  That old adage is indeed a powerful one.  Take some time to reflect on your interests, values, and goals.  Also see exploration resources below.

Exploration Websites and Online Tools