The Summer Reading Project

The Summer Reading Project initiative is designed for first-year students with the following goals in mind:

  • To create a common reading and learning experience for you to share with fellow Pitt-Johnstown students
  • To introduce you to the academic expectations of our institution
  • To help you develop critical thinking skills to apply to important topical issues
  • To encourage scholarly discourse and participation in discussions and activities related to the book’s themes

What’s In It for Me?

  • You are now a college student. It is essential you make a successful transition into the academic life of a Pitt-Johnstown student. One component to being a successful student is that you read your assignments, and this is your first reading assignment. Start to practice productive academic habits now.
  • Your first year of college is a transformative time. Cultivating your own element will prompt you to make productive personal, academic and career decisions. Through University Scholarship, you will participate in a number of activities and experiences structured to guide you through this process. You will be prompted to think critically about various ideas including:
    • How can you go about discovering and cultivating your aptitudes and passions?
    • How do we define intelligence, and how are you intelligent?
    • How can you use your strengths to improve your skills as a learner within the college environment?
    • How can you be true to your own element and thrive within various cultures and communities?