The First-Year Experience

The first year of the college career is key to long-term collegiate academic and personal success. The First-Year Experience (FYE) serves as a foundation for future success by supporting students with skills and resources to transition successfully to campus life. The FYE comprises students with experiences both in-and outside the classroom, including:

  • University Scholarship, the curriculum of the First-Year Experience course.
  • The Summer Reading Project offers a common reading and learning experience for students to share with their new Pitt-Johnstown peers. The "summer read" guides the curriculum for University Scholarship, and many of the assignments are connected to the content.
  • The Program Series comprises out-of-the classroom opportunities to prompt students to consider personal talents and strengths to create a meaningful and productive experience both while at Pitt-Johnstown and for life in the real world.


The instructors of University Scholarship serve in various faculty and administrative capacities on campus and are committed to providing support and quality services for first-year students. 

Mentors for Academic and Personal Success

MAPS 2013Mentors for Academic and Personal Success (MAPS) are a dedicated team of upper-class peer mentors who serve as co-facilitators for The First-Year Experience, both through the University Scholarship class and the Program Series.

MAPS act as effective resources for first-year students—having “been there/done that.”  They help to create a comfortable classroom atmosphere and share their personal experiences adjusting to the academic and social life at Pitt-Johnstown.