ASC Courses

ASC Academic Courses

Academic counselors also serve as instructors for University Scholarship, the first-year transition course and for Foundations of Leaning, a three-credit course to assist Pitt-Johnstown students become effective college learners.  Mentors for Academic & Personal Success (MAPS) participate in IL 1900, which awards an academic credit for meeting the obligations of a peer mentor.

Academic Success Center

CAS 0001:University Scholarship (1 credit)

This course is designed to help all first-time, full-time students develop the knowledge and skills to transition successfully to college life. Students are provided with fundamental instruction in the development of critical thinking and analytical skills and will explore academic success strategies, as well as online learning and the university library.  This course will assist students with major and career exploration and provide an extended orientation to university resources and campus life.

CAS 1917: Foundations of Learning (3 credits)

This 3-credit course examines the academic and psychosocial components of effective college learning.  Students will explore their identities as learners and build skills to maximize academic potential.  CAS 1917 is intended for freshman or sophomores and is a requirement for students participating in FYSP and GOAL.