Pitt-Johnstown Pre-Law

Pitt-Johnstown's recent graduates have gained admissions to the finest law schools not only in our region (Pitt,. Dickinson, Duquesne, and Temple), but some of the best in the country (Harvard, Penn, Cornell, Columbia, Duke, and Notre Dame).


This success is due to mentorship by faculty and a wide range of courses that Pitt-Johnstown offers in which students develop strong analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Students do not have to pursue a specific major or complete any pursue a specific curriculum in order to achieve a career in law.

Traditionally, students will complete an undergraduate degree within the social sciences, but many gain degrees in other disciplines. Law schools encourage undergraduate students to pursue diverse courses of study because the study and practice of law is involved with so many dimensions of society.  

Pre-law is not a major, but a pre-professional designation that prescribes no set curriculum. Students should choose elective courses that will develop their basic analytical and critical thinking skills in preparation for law school admission and the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). 

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