Pitt-Johnstown Healthcare


Pitt-Johnstown Healthcare students may attend classes on a full-time basis through daytime study. Students attending part-time may earn their degree through daytime or evening study.

To qualify for honors, a student must have taken at least 60 credits on the letter-grade system at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

General Education Requirements

Foundational Courses

A. English Composition (ENGCMP 0003 or 0005)

B. English Composition (ENGCMP 0004 or 0006)

C. Public Speaking (COMMRC 0052)

D. Basic Algebra (Math 0001) or Placement Test

E. Quantitative Reasoning course (from an approved list)

Worlds of Knowledge Elective Requirements - Each student must take two (2) courses in each of the Worlds listed below. The eight (8) courses taken in the Worlds must represent 8 different Subjects.  A student must also take two additional Follow-Up courses in any World.

World of Aesthetic and Creative Expression

World of Global History and Culture

Societies and Civics

Science and Nature

Follow-Up Courses

  • The minimum number of courses taken in the Worlds must be ten (10).
  • The Follow-Up courses may repeat a subject previously taken in a World.
  • A student cannot use a major required subject course in one of the Worlds (for example, a Biology student cannot use BIOL 0110 to fulfill a requirement in the World of Science and Nature.
  • Students cannot use a course to count both in their Quantitative Reasoning requirement and one of the Worlds.
  • Students can choose QR and Worlds of Knowledge courses from published course lists.

Required Courses By The School Of Healthcare (21 credits)

  • Principles of Management, BUS 0500 -3 credits
  • Introduction to Educational Psychology, EDPSY 0006 - 3 credits
  • Social Statistics, STAT 1020 - 3 credits OR Education Assessment for Inclusion Strategies, EDPSY 1121, 3 credits
  • Legal Aspects of Healthcare, HLTHCR 1119 - 3 credits
  • Healthcare Education, HLTHCR 1050 - 3 credits
  • Healthcare Management, HLTHCR 1054 - 3 credits
  • Healthcare Internship, HLTHCR 1095 - 3 credits

HLTHCR 1050 Healthcare Education        

This course will present the basic principles of education to include objective writing, didactic lab and clinical teaching techniques, and student evaluation as it pertains to health education. This course is restricted to healthcare majors only.  3 credits

HLTHCR 1054 Healthcare Management 

This course will present the various aspects of health management to include basic management principles and their application to the ever-changing healthcare environment. This course is restricted to healthcare majors only. 3 credits

HLTHCR 1095 Health Care Internship        

Provides advanced students an opportunity to explore in depth an area of particular interest to them. It is the student's responsibility to find a faculty member willing to undertake such a tutorial. This internship will allow the student to explore areas of interest in healthcare management and education in clinical, administrative, or business environments. The experience will be structured to include a preliminary project description, measurable goals/objectives, and a time line of activities. Evaluation will be based on a journal documenting activities, achievement of goals/objectives, oral and written summations of the experience, and independent evaluation by faculty. This course is restricted to healthcare majors only. Prerequisites: HLTHCR 1050, HLTHCR 1054. 3 credits

HLTHCR 1099 Independent Study

This course is restricted to healthcare majors only. Provides advanced students an opportunity to explore in depth an area of particular interest related to their health profession. 3 credits

HLTHCR 1119 Legal Aspects of Health Care           

This course discusses principles of hospital law and aspects of handling confidential and health records information. Actual cases and statutes are discussed. This course is restricted to healthcare majors only. 3 credits