Pitt-Johnstown's Pre-Physical Therapy program requires a well-rounded education with a distribution of studies in the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Pre-Physical Therapy

The Pitt-Johnstown Distribution of Studies requirements take care of this general education requirement.

  • Most students at Pitt-Johnstown who are interested in Physical Therapy major in biology.
  • Most physical therapy programs require pre-requisites in the following courses:
Courses Credits Pitt-Johnstown Equivalent
Chemistry I and II with labs 8 to 10 Chem 0111, 0113, 0112, 0114
Physics I and II with labs 8 to 10 Phys 0140, 0141, 0142, 0143
Biology I and II with labs 8 to 10 Biol 0110, 0111, 0120, 0121
Anatomy*(human, vertebrate, comparative or anatomical kinesiology) 3 Biol 1120
Physiology* (human physiology preferred) 3 Biol 1125
Statistics   Math 0212
General Psychology 3 Psy 0200
Developmental psychology orAbnormal psychology 3 Psy 0230 or Psy 1141
English Writing (English composition or an upper-division writing course) 3 Engcmp 0005

*A two course sequence of anatomy/physiology may meet the anatomy and physiology requirements as long as there is a total of 6 credits.

Physical Therapy is a highly competitive field. In many institutions, the number of applicants significantly exceeds the number of available slots. Requirements include: