Pitt-Johnstown Mathematics BS Option


The Department of Mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown currently offers two options in its Mathematics major.

The Applied Option is a typical degree in mathematics with an added minor from within the natural sciences. Many undergraduate Mathematics and Computer Science majors choose to pursue a dual major in both areas. Students graduating with the Applied Option go on to work in industry, work for agencies in the government (such as the NSA or other operates of the DoD), or go on to further studies and pursue a Master's or Doctoral degree.

The main course of study for Mathematics majors in both options includes a core of fundamental courses in the discipline as well as related technology component. Upon completion of the core courses, the two options differ only in that the Applied Option requires a minor from a related area within the natural sciences (currently there are minors offered in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Physics and Psychology), while the Actuarial Option replaces that minor with a concentration of courses in Business and Economics.  A minor in Mathematics is also offered.

 Core courses include Calculus I, II and III, Discrete Mathematics, Introduction to Theoretical Mathematics, Technical Speaking in Mathematics, Introduction to Probability and Statistics I and II, Mathematics Seminar 1 (technology), Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Perspectives in Computer Science, and ADAH Programming.

An example of a first-year plan of study:

Fall Term
Math 02x1 Calculus (I, II or III depending on placement and any transfer credits) - 4 credits
Math 0401 Discrete Math - 3 credits
CS 0100 Perspectives in CS - 3 credits
General Studies - 6 credits

Spring Term
Math 02x1 Calculus (II or III depending on fall schedule) - 4 credits
Math 1012 Intro to Theoretical Math - 3 credits
CS 0410-0411 Intro to CS Programming w/Lab - 4 credits
General Studies - 3-6 credits