Professional Writing

Professional Writing

ENGWRT 0050 Introduction to Creative Writing       3 credits         

This course offers students an introductory study of the written arts. Through the close reading of modern and contemporary texts and guided experimentation in a variety of genres (e.g., poetry, fiction, drama, and creative nonfiction), students will examine, explore, and discuss the creative process. Class may be taken by freshman English writing majors. Prerequisite: ENGCMP 0004 or 0006. 

ENGWRT 0053 Introduction to Professional Writing      3 credits    

This course introduces students to several forms of professional writing, such as review and profile writing, public relations and marketing writing, and writing for the Web.  Students will compose, revise, and edit their own texts and also read and study "real world" examples of professional writing. Prerequisite: ENGCMP 0004 or ENGCMP 0006. 

ENGWRT 0500 Creative Nonfiction Writing           3 credits

This course introduces students to the art and practice of creative nonfiction prose, including personal essay, memoir, and literary journalism.  Students will explore the unique possibilities of the genre by reading and studying modern and contemporary authors, and composing and revising a variety of creative writing assignments. Prerequisite: ENGCMP 0004 or ENGCMP 0006. 

ENGWRT 0511 Writing for Digital Media       3 credits

This intermediate writing course will teach students writing strategies for online media across a range of professional fields such as business and technology, journalism, public relations and marketing, and creative writing.  Students will analyze the particular needs of digital media, including blogs, hypertext websites, social media, and collaborative media (e.g. Wikis), and then apply that knowledge to shaping clear, concise prose for a digital audience.  Prerequisite: EngCmp 0004 or 0006.

ENGWRT 1000 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing      3 credits

An advanced writing course designed to hone creative nonfiction writing skills through extensive writing, workshop style peer critiques, and in-depth reading. Several of the sub genres of creative nonfiction will be studied and practiced:  memoir, personal essay, nature writing, travel writing, science writing, biographical profile, and historical incident.  Accurate description, scenic representation, and narrative framing will be among the technical devices considered. Prerequisite: ENGWRT 0050 or 0053. 

ENGWRT 1011 Digital Storytelling     3 credits

A course on the nature and value of storytelling combined with the knowledge and skills needed to compose digital narratives. Prerequisites: EngCmp 0004 or 0006 and EngWrt 0050 or 0053.

ENGWRT 1130 Grammar Review               3 credits

Reviews essential grammatical principles traditionally and historically, including punctuation. Prerequisite: ENGCMP 0004 or ENGCMP 0006. 

ENGWRT 1048 Narrative Nonfiction        3 credits

This advanced writing course will provide students with an in-depth study of long-form, research-driven nonfiction writing through rigorous exercises, workshop-style peer critiques, and in-depth reading and analysis. Students will explore a variety of approaches to nonfiction subjects of their choosing for high-end magazine markets in print and online.  Prerequisite: ENGWRT 0050 or 0053.

ENGWRT 1140 Digital Magazine Production    3 credits

After rigorous study of landmark print and online magazines, students will produce solo magazines and then work in an editorial team to build a single online magazine. Prerequisite: EngWrt 0050 or 0053 or 0511.

ENGWRT 1192 Technical Writing                3 credits

Prepares students to deal with problems of technological communication in various fields. Includes analysis, development, use, and evaluation of various models employed in the process of technical writing. Prerequisite: ENGCMP 0006 or ENGCMP 0004.

ENGWRT 1700 Advanced Seminar in Writing        3 credits

This seminar provides a capstone experience for English writing majors and students intensely committed to writing. It is assumed that students come to the seminar having taken a fairly broad range of both English writing and literature courses. Students will complete an original manuscript in a genre of their choice (e.g., poetry, fiction, drama, creative nonfiction). Manuscripts will be evaluated by an approved outside reader as well as the instructor. Class hours will be devoted to workshop critiques and discussing contemporary issues of form and theory related to the written arts. Prerequisite: ENGWRT 0050 or ENGWRT 0053 

ENGWRT 1902 Independent Study           1-6 credits

This option permits students to design their own course with the approval of a department faculty member. Students must submit a proposal to the faculty member. Students must have earned at least 6 credits in department writing courses, and the proposed study must not duplicate the content of regularly offered courses. Prerequisite: ENGWRT 0050 or ENGWRT 0053. 

ENGWRT 1950 Professional Writing Internship     3-6 credits

This course will allow qualified students majoring in English writing to work under an employer's supervision while developing and completing tasks relevant to their eventual professional employment.  In an internship, students could write in any number of forms (memos, letters, reports, Web pages, press releases, etc.) and would devote at least 50 percent of their time to drafting, revising, and finalizing various documents for an employer. In addition, students will write a final report for the coordinator of professional writing in which they describe and assess their internship experience. Students must have junior or senior standing and a 3.0 grade point average to be eligible.