Pitt-Johnstown Theatre Arts

THEA 0027 Stagecraft 1     3 credits

Entails a study of the construction and rigging of scenic units for stage settings.

Theatre Arts

THEA 0028 Stage Lighting 1            3 credits

This course will entail a study of stage lighting equipment and related technologies that are used in the typical proscenium and arena-style theaters.

THEA 0040 Stage Management    3 credits

This course will examine in detail the backstage activities necessary to support a professional theatrical, music theater, or concert production—from sound and lighting cue placement to properties and running crew. Students anticipating careers in the entertainment industry will benefit from this background in communication, safety, proper terminology, and technical support. Course will have a final project in lieu of a final exam.

THEA 0053 Oral Interpretation Of Literature    3 credits

An investigation of the process of rendering literature aloud, with attention to problems of impersonation, consideration of style, and application of specific vocal techniques.

THEA 0630 Puppetry In Theatre     3 credits

This course will explore a variety of puppetry forms and will cover their historical context as well as practical design issues, performance aesthetic and techniques, and the influence that each form exerts on theatre today. Students will then translate several children's tales from page to stage, culminating in a performance.

THEA 0811 Introduction To Dramatic Art 1            3 credits

This course will entail a study of the nature and variety of the dramatic experience. Readings from an anthology of world drama, as well as attendance at several live theatrical productions are required. A basic assumption is that drama differs from literature in profound ways, and seeing plays helps reveal the difference.

THEA 0812 Introduction To Dramatic Art 2            3 credits

A continuation of THEA 0811 Introduction to Dramatic Art 1, with special emphasis given to theater history and the development of the physical theater.

THEA 0841 Introduction To Theatre Design          3 credits

An introduction to the process of designing scenery, lighting, properties, and costumes for live theater.

THEA 1027 Stagecraft 2             3 credits

This course will entail a study of specialized scenic techniques such as scene painting, property construction, and the use of new materials. Students will play a major role in the construction of scenery for a departmental production.

THEA 1028 Stage Lighting 2        3 credits

This course explores more thoroughly the techniques and artistry of the lighting design process. Subjects to be covered include script analysis, design collaboration, lighting plots, and color theory. Prerequisite: THEA 0028.

THEA 1500 Voice And Movement 1        3 credits

This course stresses principles of effective, safe vocal production, maximizing sound, and expressivity. The international phonetic alphabet is taught as a tool for the second objective of the course, precise articulation with a minimizing of regional sound.

THEA 1502 Acting 1        3 credits

This course will entail a study of beginning skills such as movement for the stage, relaxation, and beginning acting tasks (observations, emotional recall, use of space, concentration). Beginning scene work will be included.

THEA 1503 Acting 2         3 credits

A continuation of the prerequisite THEA 1502 Acting 1, with advanced scene work drawn largely from the theater of realism. Required participation in UPJ main-stage productions. Prerequisite: THEA 1502.

THEA 1504 Acting 3        3 credits

This is an intensive scene study course for advanced students who have completed Acting 1 and 2. In addition to advanced realism, scene work will be derived from other historical styles. Prerequisite: THEA 1503.

THEA 1505 Acting 4        3 credits

A continuation of THEA 1504 Acting 3, with some emphasis given to preparation of audition pieces. Prerequisite: THEA 1504

THEA 1506 Modern Acting Theory    3 credits

Students will first learn some of the major acting theories and perspectives of character development from the 20th century . Then students will apply these theories through scene work, monologues, and original projects.

THEA 1507 Shakespeare In Performance                      3 credits

Students will improve their acting technique, vocalization, and physicality through the basics of performing Shakespeare.  Student will perform monologues, soliloquies, and scenes and will study Shakespeare’s use of language to create character and setting.

THEA 1510 Directing 1                       3 credits  

This course is an introduction to basic technical and conceptual skills in directing, including script analysis, ground plan, stage movement, and composition. Prerequisite: THEA 1502

THEA 1511 Directing 2    3 credits

This course will entail a study of scene analysis and directing projects from plays of 1860-1980. It will deal with the special demands of different playwrights. Prerequisite: THEA 1510.

THEA 1541 Theatre Repertory 1                 1–6 credits

Active participation in the staging of a University dramatic production. Students study various backstage processes and performance techniques according to their individual needs and interests. A maximum of 6 credits from THEA 1541 and THEA 1542 Theater Repertory 1 and 2 may be counted toward graduation.

THEA 1542 Theatre Repertory 2                      1–6 credits

Advanced students are assigned to positions that enable them to take primary responsibility for one aspect of a dramatic production. Beginning students study basic backstage and performance techniques. A maximum of 6 credits from THEA 1541 and THEA 1542 Theater Repertory 1 and 2 may be counted toward graduation.

THEA 1543 Theater Repertory—Stage Movement            1 credit

Focuses on physical vocabulary through modes of dance—ballet, jazz, modern—and study of body centers, addressing needs of on-stage performers.

THEA 1567 Senior Seminar In Theatre    3 credits

Special topic selected by student and instructor. For Theatre Arts majors only.

THEA 1629 Theatre Business Management          3 credits

The purpose of this class is to instruct students in the financial complexities of preparing a show, from working on a budget with the producer, designers, and technical area to processing expenditures.

THEA 1635 Scene Design 1           3 credits

This course will provide a study of the elements of scenery design, with preliminary investigation of historical developments as well as modern currents of design.

THEA 1733 Special Topics            3 credits

The study of a special topic in theater arts.

THEA 1765 Playwriting     3 credits

A beginning course in writing for the stage. Starting with short scenes, students will work toward understanding the craft and art of constructing theater stories to be performed by actors. The final project will be a one-act play. Throughout there will be emphasis on the stage effectiveness of the writing and opportunity for informal performance of student scripts. Cross-listed as ENGWRT 0541. Prerequisite: ENGCMP 0004 or 0006.

THEA 1900 Independent Study 1–6 credits

Course content to be decided between teacher and student.

THEA 1902 Internship    1–12 credits

Internships provide practical experience related to Theatre Arts.  Placement is arranged by Director of Theatre Arts or Humanities Division Chair.