About MMDC

Pitt-Johnstown Multimedia and Digital Culture

The MMDC major at Pitt-Johnstown will produce graduates with precisely the skills and abilities to prepare them for positions in high demand in our culture: those requiring strong writing and speaking skills in combination with current digital expertise. Many businesses are advertising for recent college graduates who can:


  • oversee content on digital platforms
  • produce content-based websites with intuitive designs
  • work within multidisciplinary teams
  • strategize social media campaigns
  • create online videos and promotions
  • model excellent verbal communication skills
  • demonstrate graphics software experience
  • create an engaging digital atmosphere
  • analyze social media for trends
  • show an instinct for storytelling
  • employ knowledge of poetry and literature
  • write clearly and concisely and edit the work of others for specific audiences
  • compose alluring, interactive texts
  • create digital products that are portable across multiple devices, platforms, operating systems, and web browsers

MMDC graduates will enter the work force with the knowledge, skills, competencies, and critical thinking skills essential for success in our era; they will make a difference in our world.