Spanish Courses for Special Purposes

The Department of Foreign Languages at UPJ offers introductory Spanish courses for students in different fields. The goal of these courses is not only to fulfill UPJ students' academic needs for their future but also to reach out to our local professionals. Most of these courses are offered on a regular basis.

Foreign Language

Spanish for Healthcare Professionals (SPAN 0110)

This course is designed as a practical introductory Spanishcourse that will include technical vocabulary and idiomatic expressions needed by healthcare professionals who must communicate orally with Spanish-speaking patients. We will emphasize grammar, speaking and pronunciation skills. Students will learn and practice useful phrases within a medical context as well as acquire vocabulary and basic grammatical knowledge.  3 CREDITS

Spanish for Business Professionals (SPAN 0109)

This course is designed as a practical elementary Spanish course that will include technical vocabulary and idiomatic expressions needed by business professionals who must communicate in both oral and written ways with Spanish-speaking companies and bilingual colleagues as well. The course will offer an essential foundation in grammar, vocabulary and speech related to functional business areas, and practice in carrying out simple business transactions in Spanish. 3 CREDITS

Spanish for Reading and Translation (SPAN 0108)

An intensive basic reading course in Spanish designed to all students who want to study Spanish for reading knowledge and translation. No prior knowledge of Spanish is required. Readings are drawn from many areas, including the Spanish language press, the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. A great course for students headed for graduate school. 3 CREDITS

Digital Spanish (SPAN 0107)

Introduction to Spanish language and culture on the web: social networking sites, trends in digital culture, including video and music. The student will learn blogging, text messaging, and digital basic skills in Spanish. The course is aimed at facilitating the acquisition of the necessary abilities and intercultural competence to manage multimedia tasks in Spanish at a basic level. 3 CREDITS

Spanish for Science and Engineering (SPAN 0106)

An intensive reading course in Spanish designed to science and engineering students who want to study Spanish for reading and communication knowledge. The course stresses language skills useful for the science and engineering profession. Provides training in basic reading, writing and conversation with emphasis on the use of language in a professional context. 3 CREDITS

* These courses do not fulfill the language requirement; they do not count toward the Spanish Minor either. However, for a non-Humanities major, these classes could fulfill Gen Ed requirements in the Humanities. For Humanities majors, these courses could be counted as free electives. Knowledge of Spanish is not required. The courses are not open to heritage or native speakers of Spanish.


Contact: Álvaro A. Bernal, Ph.D.
Head of Foreign Language Department
Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature
227A Biddle Hall
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown