French Courses

Pitt-Johnstown Foreign Language French (FR)

FR 0111 French language and Culture 1     4 credits

Introduces the oral-aural and reading-writing skills in the language, and stresses communication and grammatical structure. Emphasis is placed on using the spoken language.  The students will also familiarize themselves with the main Francophone countries and learn about their different cultures.  

Foreign Language

FR 0112 French language and Culture 2      4 credits

A continuation of Elementary French 1, this course expands oral-aural and reading-writing skills in the language and stresses communication and grammatical structure. Emphasis is placed on using the spoken language. Prerequisite: FR 0111.

FR 0211 Intermediate French 1    3 credits

This course is a logical continuation of the first-year sequence. Emphasis continues to be placed on communication.  The students will review grammar and expand their vocabulary.  They will also learn about Francophone culture.  Prerequisite: FR 0112.

FR 0212 Intermediate French 2    3 credits

This course is a continuation of Intermediate French 1. Prerequisite: FR 0211.

FR 0250 Special Topics   3 credits

The study of a special topic in French. Prerequisite: FR 0212.

FR 0311 Business French               3 credits

This course will be an introduction to business practices in France. The major topics covered in class will include written business, communication, financial institutions, trade, and advertising. The students will be asked to do translations, to write professional correspondence and to read articles related to the world of business, economics, and finance. Cross-cultural differences regarding the work place are also a focus of the course. Prerequisite: FR 0212

FR 0320 Introduction To Civilization        3 credits

This course is designed to lead students to a better understanding of France today. Particular attention is directed to the major aspects of contemporary French life and society.  Students will learn about French culture from the Enlightenment period to decolonization through films, discussions and lectures.  Prerequisite: FR 0212.

FR 0321 Approaches To French Literature             3 credits

The goal of this course is to illustrate ways of looking at literary texts. Students shall examine plays, short prose works, and poems focusing on textual elements such as narrative technique, characterization, societal factors, and language.  Students will read texts from the Middle Ages and tales from the 17th and 18th centuries to learn the major literary movements.  Prerequisite: FR 0212.

FR 0355 French Conversation     3 credits

This course is designed to help students already familiar with the basic grammatical structure of the language improve their facility in oral expression.  Students will read and discuss poetry, songs, newspaper articles, and films.   Prerequisite: FR 0212.

FR 0356 Written French 1             3 credits

This course is designed to enable students to improve their understanding and control of essential elements of written French.  Students will continue to review the grammar and learn how to write a descriptive essay, a summary, a film review, and a resume.  Prerequisite: FR 0212.

FR 0380 Modern French Novel     3 credits

The French novel is to a great extent a genre in which psychological analysis has been brought to a high level of sophistication. This shall be studied through close analyses of six to eight works in English translation.

FR 0452 Independent Study        1–9 credits

To be arranged in consultation with instructor. Prerequisite: FR 0212.

FR 1011 Poetry     3 credits

The study of poetry cannot be divorced from the special requirements of versification. Students shall begin by examining the general aspects of French prosody. Then, the regular work of the class will be devoted to the close reading of poems by a number of poets including Ronsard, Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Mallarme, Verlaine, and Apollinaire. Prerequisite: FR 0212.

FR 1013 French Theatre    3 credits

Course considers the distinctive characteristics of French drama from the 17th century to the mid-20th century. Prerequisite: FR 0212.

FR 1017 Novel 2                3 credits

This course traces transformation in the French novel from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century new novel. Students will read novels in French chosen for their literary merit as well as their importance as landmarks in the evolution of the French novel. Prerequisite: FR 0212.

FR 1019 20th-Century Topics       3 credits

This course, offered infrequently, will treat some aspect of the literature of the 20th century in France. Prerequisite: FR 0212.

FR 1083 Special Topics In Literature (English)      3 credits

This course will teach a literary genre, a thematic topic, or cultural issue within French literature.

FR 1090 Introduction To Translation Studies          3 credits

The students will read theoretical essays about the techniques of translation and will translate the following:  newspaper articles, poetry, short stories, letters, and film subtitles.