Real World Learning

Pitt-Johnstown Communication


Real World learning at Pitt-Johnstown is a unique blend of academics and experiential learning, leading to rewarding career opportunities.

Our distinctive people, place, and programs create a learning environment that gives students an opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences in and outside the classroom. Real World opportunities, including internships, service-learning, undergraduate research, study abroad, and other creative and professional work experiences, result in exceptional performance. 

The Real World Action Program is a University-wide initiative designed to guide students through a series of programs, activities and experiences that complement their academic studies. 

Communication Careers

Opportunities On and Beyond Campus

Communication Internships

Pitt-Johnstown communication major internships are pre-arranged work experiences for which students earn academic credit. Internships enable a student to apply classroom theory and to gain valuable experience in a variety of communication-related activities in participating campus, and community agencies. These experiences often provide a competitive edge during the job search process.


  • may be paid or unpaid
  • are typically 3-6 months in length
  • are established on campus and in the greater Johnstown area
  • may occur outside the area and arranged as well
  • are not the same as part-time employment or volunteer work

 The minimum requirements for a Communication major to complete an internship are:

  • full-time students in good academic standing (minimum overall cumulative QPA of 2.2 and of 2.5 in major courses)
  • juniors or seniors interns, although not a formal requirement
  • communication majors. While non-communication majors may apply for communication internships, priority will be given to majors

If interested in a communication internship,contact Paul LucasPhD, at 814-269-7150, and obtain specific application materials. Do not complete an internship on your own without working through the department, or you likely will not get credit.

Student Organizations

Pitt-Johnstown offers varied mediums and types of experience for communication majors. 

  • WUPJ-TV has a mission to educate students specifically interested in the field of broadcast journalism. The station produces news reports concerning campus activities and broadcast continuously. Pitt-Johnstown students who were members of WUPJ-TV have gone on to on-air jobs at local stations in Johnstown and Pittsburgh. Contact: Richard Bukoski814-269-7982
  • WUPJ radio provides students with an opportunity to gain specific mass communication skills through learned experiences. Students learn how to run a radio station, select programming, and become on-air personalities. All students currently enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, are eligible to join WUPJ radio. Membership is not relegated solely to those interested in positions as on-air personalities. 
Students interested in learning elements such as promotion and business planning are also welcome to join WUPJ.
 Contact: Kristen Majocha, 814-269-7205
  • The Advocate is a student-run campus newspaper, operated by full and part-time Pitt-Johnstown students. Students are responsible for the writing, lay-out, and distribution of the weekly paper. The advisor is journalism professor Leland K. Wood. Contact:, 814-269-7470 
  • Lambda Pi Eta
    Lambda Pi Eta recognizes the outstanding scholastic achievement of undergraduate Communication majors across the country. The Epsilon Omega Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta was chartered at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown in 1997. Visit for more information.
    To be eligible for inclusion into Lambda Pi Eta, you need:
    • 3.25 GPA in all Communication courses
    • 3.0 overall GPA
    • enrollment as a full-time student
    • to have completed 60 semester hours of course work, including 12 semester hours of communication courses
    • to be in the upper 35% of your institutional academic class

If you meet the above requirement, you will be notified of your offer to join by the Lambda Pi Eta advisor, Ako Inuzuka