First-Year Schedule

A sample of the likely first-year schedule for students in Pitt-Johnstown's special education dual certification major.

Pre-Education Courses

First Semester

  • Intro to Psychology  *
  • Composition  I *
  • Integrated Sciences
  • Earth and People
  • Structure of Real Number System

Second Semester

  • Composition II *
  • Public Speaking
  • Fundamentals of Modern Math
  • Intro to Ed Psyc *
  • Students with Special Needs *
  • History/ Philosophy of Education #

Third Semester

  • English Literature (without a prerequisite) *
  • Child Development *
  • Ed Assessment for the Inclusive Classroom *
  • English Language Learners *
  • US 1877 to present

* Course should be taken in the semester indicated because of prerequisite requirements

# Course must be taken at Pitt Johnstown 

If you are from another institution, please check if your courses transfer to Pitt Johnstown. You can join our program as a sophomore, if you have the appropriate courses completed. Learn More >