Pitt-Johnstown Business Information Systems

Information Systems

Pitt-Johnstown offers a range of Information Systems courses that is very extensive for a school our size. 

Introductory courses (required)

Introduction to Business Information Systems (Bus 0400)

Explores the role of information systems in today's business organizations. Students will be introduced to the major components of information technology and their applications in particular types of business systems (MIS, DSS, AI, etc). It will explain the system development life cycle, data base management techniques, and concepts in end-user computing.

Core courses (required)

Database Management (Bus 1410)

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of database systems. It provides an overview of database design and implementation. Prerequisite: BUS 0400.

Systems Analysis and Design (Bus 1420)

This course introduces students to the process required to develop computer information systems. It emphasizes a structured approach to problem definition and resolution. It provides an overview of the systems analysis and design methodologies used to improve the efficiency of daily operations and decision-making processes at all levels of an organization. Prerequisite: BUS 1410.

Hardware and Operating Systems (Bus 1426)

Information technology professionals will encounter a variety of platforms in their career. The role of the IT professional is to select, deploy, integrate, and administer platforms or components to support the organization’s infrastructure. This course covers the fundamentals of hardware and software and how they integrate to form essential components of its systems. Prerequisite: BUS 0400.

Project Management (Bus 1435)

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of project management and demonstrates its value in helping organizations successfully complete projects. The course will cover topics such as the project life cycle, and other valuable tools and techniques related to project management. The use of MS Project 2003 will also be included. Prerequisite: BUS 0400.

Elective courses offered every year (select at least three)

Fall term elective course offerings (August – December):

Graphics Design (Bus 1412)

An introduction to the basic elements and techniques of graphics design, using current software packages to create various types of printed material. Prerequisite: Bus 0400

Telecommunications and Networks (Bus 1425)

This course introduces students to fundamental concepts of telecommunications and networks. Topics covered include types of networks, hardware protocols, topologies, the seven layers of operating systems interconnection (OSI), business voice communications, as well as data communications. Prerequisite: BUS 0400.

Mobile Application Development (Bus 1428)

The course teaches students how to take a mobile application from the ground to market by developing a mobile strategy, weighing design options, and leveraging technologies to build a desired application. Students will learn about the different components that form the mobile landscape and how we've come to the rapid success that is seen today.  Students will become familiar with the most widely adopted mobile platforms and the differences between them, and learn about the distribution channels these apps must travel through before they are available in the marketplace.  With no programming experience or Computer Science background, students will learn hands-on about the concepts behind building basic Android mobile applications utilizing an open-sourced visual editor. Spring term elective course offerings (January – April):

Web Design & Development (Bus 1415)

This course is intended to be an introductory course on creating web pages. It is designed for students to develop the essential basic skills in composing client-side based, interactive Web sites by using HTML and current Web technologies. This course will introduce students to software, design elements, and practices related to creating and maintaining home pages and sites on the World Wide Web. Prerequisite: BUS 0400.

Data Warehousing & Data Mining (Bus 1441)

This course serves as an introduction to the topics of data warehousing and data mining. Students will be able to develop an appreciation, understanding, and awareness of the value of data warehouses, data marts, and data mining within an organization. Both technologies are vital in making key strategic, operational, and long-term decisions for the betterment of the organization while attempting to attain and/or gain competitive advantage. Prerequisite: BUS 1410, and STAT 1040.

Other elective courses:

MIS Internship (Bus 1488)

The MIS internship uses the workplace as a living laboratory for students to study in depth about the MIS discipline. An internship is primarily an academic experience, not a part-time or full-time job, in which students work for a firm or organization under a supervisor and faculty sponsor to achieve specific education objectives. Thus, a student earns degree credits for what is learned, not for work performed for the internship supervisor. Instructor consent required.