Student Responsibilities

The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about educational plans
and life goals rests with the individual student.

  • Get to know your advisor. Initiate contact with your advisor early in the term and seek help on a regular basis when needed.
  • Prepare in advance for every meeting with your advisor. Bring the necessary supporting materials such as Degree Progress Sheets and, (if registering) at least a tentative schedule of classes.
  • Maintain accurate and current academic records, grade reports, add/drop transactions, major progress sheets, transfer credit evaluations, and correspondence from the beginning to the completion of your academic program.
  • Know the graduation requirements for your chosen program in order to monitor your progress toward the completion of your degree.
  • Become familiar with policies, procedures, and requirements by using the University catalog, Student Handbook, Academic Calendar, Semester Course Schedule, and any departmental materials.
  • Become acquainted with University resources, such as:
    • Academic Success Center
    • Campus Ministry
    • Career Services
    • Library
    • Personal Counseling Center
    • Student Life

Websites for General Academic Assistance

  • Study Strategies Links

Check the Mindtools website for a wide selection of articles on time management, study skills, memory improvement, and many other topics related to academic and workplace success. In particular, check out their goal-setting page.