Gilmore: Set Goals, Establish Your Brand

Mike Morlacci

posted February 23, 2017

Social media expert Glen Gilmore (left) speaks with Pitt-Johnstown students and University President Jem Spectar. Photos by Clyde Williams

Noted digital media expert and author Glen Gilmore emphasized goals, experience, and patience as time-tested keys to success in the fast-paced realm of social media during his talk at Pitt-Johnstown’s Globally Impactful Speakers and Talks (GIST) event.

Gilmore spoke to a crowd of students, faculty, staff, and the community at the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center, February 22, 2017.

Glen GilmoreGilmore – a Forbes Top 20 “Social Media Influencer,” founding member at the Rutgers University School of Business Social Media Marketing Executive Programs, and author of the book Social Media Law for Business, – was named a “man of action” by TIME magazine.

He told the audience to use their social media accounts “to share their passions and to make changes in the world.”

“If (students) use social media in a strategic way,” Gilmore said, “and think about what it is they’re sharing, they’ll build a personal brand that will allow them to have opportunities, not just locally, but globally as well.”

An international consultant and influencer, Gilmore has been called a “futurist” by IBM and is recognized as a leading influencer by the publication Digital Marketing and the Internet of Things. Gilmore said that becoming a social media influencer is a matter of following a few basic steps.

“Establish what your goals are,” he told the audience. “Follow people who are in the field that you want to be in. Try to discover what they’re doing, what it is they’re sharing, and from there (you can) begin to demonstrate your own personal brand, your own personal thoughts, so that you become recognized too as a thought leader.”

And, he advised, be patient. “It’s not going to occur overnight,” Gilmore said. "Social media is about making connections. If a student consistently shares content that demonstrates a passion for a particular field, they’ll make connections with thought leaders in their field. Those connections can become real friendships and real opportunities for them in the future.”

Gilmore is an attorney and was awarded a Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa, by his alma mater, Widener University Commonwealth Law School at Harrisburg.

Prior to the event, Gilmore spoke about the need for knowledge and maturing in social media and marketing.

“There was a point in time in which Fortune 500 members were giving all the jobs in social media to the youngest person the company,” he said.

“They’ve come to realize that social media is where brand awareness and loyalty become most powerfully felt. They now recognize that they need to bring in experience as well as agility that young people have.

“It’s now a combination of the talents. They’re finding a use of people who understand marketing and that social media and social media marketing you have to apply the core principles, but it in a way that is subtle and it’s not full-force media, but something that is done in a much more dynamic and colorful process.”

Spectar said Gilmore’s speech offered students “valuable advice and innovative ideas about how to advance their career goals in this new world that is dominated by social media.”

The GIST series “You Too Can Change the World,” is presented by the Division of Business and Enterprise. Pitt-Johnstown President Jem Spectar said the event, “is part of our commitment to be the regional leader educating for success in the real world."

Richard A. Bross, class of ’73, opened the evening with a message that was broadcast remotely. He is a former Vice President and President of Hormel Foods International Corp., and also contributes his talent and time as a member of the Pitt-Johnstown Board of Advisors. 

Before the event, school officials held a private reception to honor Ron Vickroy, a former Pitt-Johnstown business professor who retired in 2012 after a 27-year career.

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