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Pitt-Johnstown Mountain Cat Cash and Campus Vending

The Pitt-Johnstown Mountain Cat Cash and Campus Vending is a computerized money management system developed for your convenience by Pitt-Johnstown. With your Pitt-Johnstown ID card, you can make purchases of products and services on campus without carrying cash, checks, or credit cards. Your ID card can be used at any campus dining venue, at any vending or copy machine on campus and at the Pitt-Johnstown Bookstore and Convenience Store.



The wider strip on the back of your ID card is for your Mountain Cat Cash Account. You can use the Mountain Cat Cash Account for purchases in the:

  • Bookstore
  • Brioche Doree
  • Convenience Store
  • Jazzman's Cafe and Bakery
  • The Mountain Cat Club
  • Tuck Shop
  • Varsity Cafe
  • Dining Hall


Students may add funds to Mountain Cat Cash in the following ways:

  • bring check, cash , money order, or credit card to the Business Office at 125 Blackington Hall 
  • mail a check or money order to the Business Office made payable to Pitt-Johnstown Mountain Cat Cash and include the student's ID number with the payment.
  • call the Business Office at (814) 269-7040 or 1-800-444-4875 to make an echeck or credit card payment over the phone.


Mountain Cat Cash funds remain in the cardholder's account until graduation, dismissal or withdrawal from the university. Any unused funds upon departure from the university are forfeited by the cardholder.


The smaller strip on the back of the ID Card is for Campus Vending.  This strip may be used for vending machines and copiers on campus. Up to $20.00 can transferred to the vending strip, which is the maximum balance that can be maintained on that strip at any given time. Money can be transferred using the following options:

  • Cash-to-Card
    • There is a Revalue Station located in the Owen Library.
    • Once you insert your ID card, you then insert your cash into the Bill Acceptor. Wait for the Station to update the balance on your card. Press the return button to retrieve your card.
    • Mountain Cat Cash Account-to-Vending
    • Please take your ID card to the ID Center, located in G52 Student Union, to have the money transferred for you.

 NOTE: Any money transferred to the campus vending account is NOT refundable!

Additional Information

If you are experiencing any problems with your ID card, the ID center can assist you. The office is located in G52 Student Union and can be contacted at (814) 269-2049.

Last Reviewed: May 5, 2008