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The departmental clubs at Pitt-Johnstown provide co-curricular instruction, activities and career information pertinent to a particular profession or area of interest. These organizations are generally founded by and/or affiliated with an academic department or major. The professional student organizations promote competency and achievement within a specific academic field. Some professional organizations are nationally affiliated.

Accounting and Finance Interest Group

The purpose of the Accounting and Finance Interest Group is to pursue the study of accounting, to increase awareness of professional and career developments in accounting and to promote interactions among accounting and business economics faculty and students. The organization provides free tax service to the elderly, VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance), as well as tutorial services to students.

Alpha Kappa PSI Business Fraternity

This organization focuses on the skills of the members’ academic major and also plans social functions. Membership is restricted to full-time students working toward a business degree. Our activities include career fairs, fundraisers, guest speakers, professional trips, service projects and various other professional and social activities.

American Society of Civil Engineers (A.S.C.E.)

The purpose of A.S.C.E. is to stimulate and promote student interest in civil engineering–related fields, to provide American Society of Civil Engineers Club services to undergraduate students enrolled in the civil engineering curriculum, to acquaint members with new ideas and developments in the civil engineering field, and to establish activities for the members and for the entire college community with the purpose of promoting a better understanding of the civil engineering profession.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (A.S.M.E.)

The purpose of A.S.M.E. is to stimulate interest in mechanical engineering and its related fields. A.S.M.E.–Pitt-Johnstown provides services to undergraduate students enrolled in the mechanical engineering field. A.S.M.E. also establishes activities for its members and for the entire community with the purpose of promoting a better understanding of the mechanical engineering profession. Members are acquainted with new ideas and developments in the mechanical engineering field through co-curricular projects.

Association for Computing Machinery

This organization promotes an increased knowledge of the science, design, development, construction, languages, and applications of modern computing machinery. It encourages a greater interest in computing machinery and its applications and provides a means of communication between persons having interest in computing machinery.

Association of Information Technology Professionals

This organization meets to discuss information technology. We have speakers and hands-on learning. We emphasize networking and staying current in Information Systems and staying connected.

Astronomy Club

This club gives students the opportunity to experience astronomy-related topics. You will gain knowledge through using telescopes to view the night sky, attend observation parties, and attend other astronomy-related educational programs.

Business Ethics Club

The Ethics Club serves as a forum for those interested in the study of ethics. Specific attention is placed upon business ethics and related issues. The Ethics Club observes, analyses and consults with local businesses in order to gain practical experience in the field of ethics.

Chemical Society

This organization promotes the exploration of the many areas and fields of chemistry through guest speakers and field trips. This organization also provides tutoring services for students who need assistance in chemistry. The Pitt-Johnstown Chemical Society is a student affiliate chapter of the American Chemical Society.

Education Club

The Education Club provides a social outlet for students with a common interest in education. Activities include dinners, picnics, service projects, fundraisers, and educational programs.

Pitt-Johnstown French Club

This organization was created to increase cultural awareness of French and Francophone countries. Students also have the opportunity to become more involved in learning the French language.

Geography Club

The purpose of the Geography Club is to promote professional interest in the field; to strengthen student and professional training through academic experiences outside the classroom; to advance the status of geography as a scholarly and practical discipline for study and investigation; and to create an opportunity for informal interaction among students and faculty interested in geography. Activities include speakers and attendance at conferences.

Geology Club

The Geology Club encourages and fosters a scholarly interest in and about the earth through outdoor activities related to the subject of Geology. Activities include guest speakers and field trips.

Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (I.E.E.E.)

The primary objective of I.E.E.E. is the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical engineering, electronics, radio, allied branches of engineering, and of the related arts and sciences.

Marketing and Management Association

The purpose of the Marketing and Management Association is to foster scientific study and research in the field of marketing through better public understanding and appreciation of marketing problems.

Math Club

The Pitt-Johnstown Mathematics club promotes student interest in the various fields of mathematics and related careers. Activities include sponsoring guest speakers and social functions for math faculty and students.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is an organization of students interested in the field of Psychology. Its main purpose is to supplement the classroom experience of the Psychology Department and to be a channel for communication between the faculty and the students.

Society of Undergraduate Engineers (S.U.E.)

S.U.E. was organized and established for the purpose of uniting the engineering students into one body and acting as a coordinating center and communication vehicle between all engineering technology student organizations (professional societies). S.U.E. is responsible for the promotion and coordination of the annual Engineers’ Week festivities.

Society of Women Engineers (S.W.E.)

An affiliate of the National Society of Women Engineers, S.W.E. was organized to address the pursuits of undergraduate women students in the engineering technology curricula.

Pitt-Johnstown Spanish Club

The purpose of the Pitt-Johnstown Spanish Club is to provide students interested in Latin American and Spanish culture with the opportunity to study in an informal setting. The aim is to both improve students’ understanding of Latin American and Spanish cultures and their overall comprehension of the language.

Student Council on World Affairs (S.C.W.A.)

This organization exists to advance campus and community awareness of foreign cultures and encourages participation in international affairs. Activities include sponsoring guest lectures and participation in model U.N.’s held at various locations throughout the country.

Last Reviewed: April 27, 2010