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School Closings

The institutional posture of Pitt-Johnstown has been one of almost never closing. If possible, the decision to close will be made before 10:00 p.m. the evening before or by 6:30 a.m. the next morning. You should tune into the following radio and television stations to determine if Pitt-Johnstown is closed

WJAC TV channel 6WWCP TV channel 8WTAJ TV channel 10WTAE TV channel 4

Radio Stations
WSPO AM 850WHJB AM 1600WAYC FM 100.9
WVSC AM 990WQKK FM 92.1WSRA FM 101.7
WTAE AM 1250WKYE FM 95.5WUZI FM 105.7
WYSN AM 1330WMTZ FM 96.5WBVE FM 107.5
WBFD AM 1310WVSC FM 97.7 
WNTJ AM 1490WGLU FM 99.1WUPJ AM 1610


A weather hotline, with campus status, may be reached at 269-7199

The hotline will indicate one of the following conditions:

1. Normal operations - no University - wide class cancellation

2. ALL classes cancelled - employees must report to work

3. Evening classes cancelled - employees report this evening and tomorrow as scheduled

4. COMPLETE University closure - campus operations suspended, only employees in areas designated as "essential services" are to report to work.

If you do not hear from the above listed media that Pitt-Johnstown is closed, then assume that classes will be held.

It may become necessary for an instructor to cancel a particular class. If you think that may be the case, contact your professor ot the division office for information concerning that class.

Students must use their own judgement about travel safety, road conditions, etc. from their home to the Pitt-Johnstown Campus.

Last Reviewed: July 8, 2007