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Alcohol Policy

1. Only residents twenty-one (21) years of age or older are permitted to possess, consume or transport alcoholic beverages in the residences.

2. Residents from other buildings and non-resident guest or commuters are not permitted entrance with alcoholic beverages, regardless of age.

3. Distribution of alcoholic beverages to residents/guests under the age of twenty-one (21) is absolutely prohibited.

4. Only factory sealed containers of alcoholic beverages may be brought into the residences.

5. Bulk containers, including kegs of any size, pumpers, beer balls, etc. are not permitted. Storage of empty kegs, taps or other bulk dispensers is prohibited and these items will be confiscated.

6. Open containers holding alcoholic beverages out of doors or a public area are prohibited.

7. The amount of alcoholic beverages permitted to be possessed per person per seven (7) day period cannot exceed, a) twelve (12) 12 oz cans of beer, or b) one (1) pint bottle or one (1) 375 ml. bottle of liquor, or c) one (1) 1.5 liter bottle of wine, or d) two packs of wine coolers.

8. Where alcohol is present, residents of a room or apartment are limited to a total of five visitors at any one time. ( A visitor is an individual not assigned to the room or apartment. )

9. Residents are absolutely responsible and legally accountable for their actions and the actions of their visitors, including any damages or injuries which result from their actions during or after the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

10. Residents and guests will be subject to Residence Services sanctions, Judicial Board actions and Civil prosecution upon failure to comply with "Regulations for Alcohol Use in Pitt-Johnstown Residences."

11. When the ownership of alcoholic beverages, containers and other mechanisms that are used to dispense alcohol is in question, those individuals legally assigned to rooms or apartment will be considered the owners of such and will be subject to sanctions.

12. Regardless of ownership or origin, unauthorized alcoholic beverages, bottled beer, alcoholic beverages found in possession of minors, bulk containers (e.g. kegs and pumpers), and taps or other mechanisms that have been used to dispense alcohol in the residences will be confiscated and / or disposed of.

13. Vendors will not be permitted to deliver alcoholic beverages to residence halls.

For more information pertaining to alcohol laws go to Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board or Pennsylvania State Police

Last Reviewed: November 4, 2004