University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Pitt-Johnstown Seal

Mission/Vision Statement

The Pitt-Johnstown Mission

To offer

a high quality educational experience,

in a supportive living-learning environment,

that is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences,

that is current,

and that is responsive both to our students’ personal

and professional needs and to our communities’ needs.


The Pitt-Johnstown Vision

Pitt-Johnstown will be the regional leader educating for the real world.

The distinctive combination of our

people, programs, and place results in exceptional performance

in preparing students for career and professional success. 

Articulation of Our Vision: 

As we strive for a New Dimension of Excellence, we aspire for greater distinction with respect to all our peer institutions – public and private! This vision is ambitious, yet attainable; it is forward-looking and lofty, yet it is not so far-reaching that it is out of reach.  Our vision statement resounds with the pride of this community – faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends and supporters; it echoes the dreams for a premier college that is accessible by virtue of its public-serving mission, yet is simultaneously rigorous, selective and uncompromising with respect to its private-school-like standards of quality. By boldly staking out the terrain of competitive distinction to include the high quality public and private baccalaureate colleges, we leverage our state-related status and its twin implications of being semi-private and quasi-public. It is a bold vision that also reflects the unusually high quality and dedication of our faculty and staff, the promise and potential of our students, and the expectations of our communities and constituencies.  Finally, and most importantly, this ambitious vision crystallizes the aspirations for the next level of excellence expressed in numerous ways in various “Shared Vision” forums.  Faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends and community members who have built an enduring legacy clearly wish to see us extend it to a new dimension of excellence for posterity. 

Our aspiration to build on a legacy of excellence is intended to position us as a compelling choice for potential students who have many options for a quality education.  In the dynamic and highly fluid environment of contemporary higher education, to stay ahead, we must press ahead.  Yet, we seek this New Dimension of Excellence not simply because we aim to leapfrog ahead of the competition, but because, at the very core of it all, there is a solemn and restless obligation to be excellent – in the ultimate sense.


at the forefront of leading baccalaureate colleges...

Last Reviewed: May 18, 2005